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What We Offer

DonJanelle Hair Salon offers specialized Hair Care Services which include:

  • Hair Weave, Hair Replacement, Custom Wigs
  • Trendy cuts and styles
  • Hair coloring
  • Relaxers
  • Natural Hair Styles
  • Mink eyelash extensions
  • Glamour make up
  • Barbering

DonJanelle Hair Salon in Decatur, GA  provides quality services with the highest levels of integrity and customer satisfaction. Therefore, our staff will do everything possible to meet the client’s expectations.  While we offer a wide range of salon services, we have also developed a VIP Hair Care Club for healthy or problem hair. This program is popular mostly with busy professional women due to their hectic lifestyles.

VIP Hair Care Club

The VIP Hair Care Club at DonJanelle is a membership program that provides four hair care packages. The benefits of this program are as follows:

  • The client can afford to have a well-groomed style every day while maintaining a busy schedule
  • Since the prices are affordable, the client can have hair salon visits every week
  • Furthermore, the client has less  “at home” maintenance
  • As a result, the client will achieve totally healthy hair

Therefore, allow the professionals at DonJanelle Hair Salon take complete control of your hair care and beauty needs.  The VIP Hair Care Club at DonJanelle caters to clients who also wear hair weave, hair replacement and lace front wigs.

DonJanelle Unisex Hair Salon is located in  Decatur, Georgia and has emerged as one of Decatur’s best-kept secret. This hair salon is conveniently located and easily accessible to most Atlanta suburbs. DonJanelle is named after a mother-daughter tandem. It was envisioned and transformed by Donna London (DON) and given a touch of fashionable flair by Stephanie (Janelle).

The Essence magazine, Upscale magazine and other National publications have featured DonJanelle. It is rated among the top 25 salons in Atlanta by the Atlanta Magazine.

In conclusion, this salon caters to the specific beauty needs of all women and children and grooming needs for men. We provide innovative client transformations. The maintenance of healthy, beautiful hair will always remain our primary goal.