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Donna London is a Master Hair Stylist and co-owner of Donjanelles Hair Salon, Inc. in  Decatur, Georgia. The salon is owned jointly by her daughter, Stephanie Janelle, a Master Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist. Donna is the visionary and a vital force in the realization of Donjanelles. A cosmetologist of thirty five years, her expertise, professionalism, and elegance propelled Donjanelles to become one of the most spectacular, upscale salons in the United States.

As a young girl in Guyana, South America, Donna always loved styling hair. At age 19, she was certain that she wanted to pursue as a career in cosmetology. Her parents, however, had other ideas. She would travel to England for formal nursing training. After all, it was one of the legitimate professions which reaped many benefits and rewards. They never considered cosmetology as a profession for their daughter and dismissed her ambitions.

Undeterred by their objections, the independent and self-reliant young woman was determined to follow her own path. It led Donna directly to the United States. Recognizing her immense talent for cosmetology, she attended cosmetology school. After graduating, she soon opened a salon in New York.

Still mindful of her parents opinion of cosmetology, Donna immediately established cosmetology as a legitimate career which requires ongoing education for stylists and a well structured, professional environment. She set high standards for herself as well as the stylists she employed.

After relocating to Atlanta, GA in 1991, Donna envisioned the ultimate hair salon that would cater to men as well as women The vision was of high ceilings, glossy floors and orange terra-cotta walls lined with green ivy – a place where her clients would come and lose themselves in luxury.

In February 1997, Donna’s vision was transformed beautifully into reality. Donjanelles Hair Salon emerged in Decatur, Georgia. The master stylist specializes in styles for the mature woman of substance. She is proficient in hair weaving and hair replacement. Extremely versatile in her profession, Donna excels in chic cuts, trendy curls, en vogue up dos and the latest fashionable hairstyles.

Donna is on the advisory board of the Occupational Education Center’s Cosmetology Department and conducts seminars nationally and internationally. As a firm believer in continuous education for cosmetologists, Donna is a graduate of Dudley Cosmetology University’. She was the recipient of the DCU Pioneer Award in 1997 as well as innumerable other honors.

Donna London

Stephanie Janelle Bryant

Stephanie Bryant is a master cosmetologist that is committed to professional trendy and innovative hairstyles. She also specializes in Makeup artistry having developed her own line of makeup products, J T Cosmetics. She is also the operator of Mobile Glamour Makeover( MGM ) a mobile makeover service. She graduated from  Dudley Cosmetology University in 1996. Extremely versatile in her profession, Stephanie  excels in chic trendy curls, en vogue updos and the latest fashionable hairstyles. She is also a professional eyelash technician.  Her work has been published  in Dudley Hair Images, Black Hair Sophisticates, and Hype Hair Magazines. Stephanie studied extensively at DCU taking Advance Training Course, Master Hair cutting, Makeup Artistry, Business Management, and Hair Replacement. As an educator like her mother Donna London she teaches Hair Replacement and Makeup Artistry. Stephanie, in her twenty plus years of expertise as a Master Cosmetologist, is very versatile and well rounded in her profession.  She caters to a variety of clientele of all ages and in many different areas of cosmetology such as trendy cuts , eyelashes, make up, weaves and natural hair to name a few.

Renowned and recognized, hair and makeup stylist Stephanie Janelle Bryant has been in the styling industry for over twenty years.  Her passion and underwriting style has evolved over the years into one that is inspiring, transformational, and innovative. Her aim is to always accentuate her client’s beauty and highlight different assets they may be hidden.

Stephanie is one of the most sought after stylists and is known for her high level of skill and quality. Her styles can be seen across a variety of mediums, showcasing her talent and diversity. Stephanie’s art is visionary and full of purpose as is shown in her love for hairstyling and make up artistry.