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I love Salon Day and want to send a shout out to my awesome hairstylist Stephanie Janelle Bryant! I ran into Don Janelle Hair Salon today for my custom color (Leslie Red), eyebrow wax, etc! Please check out the website at Join the Hair Club and pay as little as $50 per month (four shampoos) They can custom order human hair for the Diva style of your choice! Stephanie is doing great at semi-permanent lashes! Many people ask me about my hair color! Stephanie can create a color for you just like she did for me! You will love them! #LesliesLane @LesliesLane — Leslie’s Lane — with Donna London and Stephanie Janelle Bryant at Don Janelle Hair Salon.
-Leslie E. Royal, Freelance Writer

I have been a client for over 20+ years and have not had any issues with the services at Don Janelle’s.  My daughter is now old enough to receive the services and she is pleased.  Over the years, co-workers, church members, and friends have complimented us on our hair. However, beyond the salon care services,  we sometimes take care of our own hair at home until we are able to make appointments.

Furthermore, I recently discovered I had breast cancer.   Subsequently, I consulted with the owner who is my stylist regarding the next step. I certainly knew this would result in hair loss due to chemotherapy.  Surprisingly, within a few days, she had created my cranial prosthesis.  Wow!!  Consequently, after returning to work the next day, I received several compliments from coworkers, friends, family, and church members about how great I looked. Above all,  they especially commented on how natural the cranial prosthesis looked. They could not even tell it was not my original hair because it looked just like mine.  She designed it and styled it just like I would my own hair.

I certainly have no issues with Don-Janelle’s.  Finally, speak with the owners and give them an opportunity to serve you.
– Dwanda Brew, Teacher

Our customers see the value in our professional hair care and hair replacement services and come again and again…and sometimes bring friends.